Füsun Ipek and Fabian Gutscher are blauerwerktag. They havee been making critical Listening Performances on themes like love. With one roll of paper, a brush, a microphone, paint and a lot of sounding devices they created sounding stories.

blauerwerktag 1

Their first piece was Arbeiten, a work around the life and the changes of the Langstrasse.

shown at:
24h-shop, Zwischennutzung Casa Blanca, Langstrasse, Zürich, 2018
Stereoskop, Performance Festival, Tart Gallery, Zürich, 2018

There second piece "Love – Endstation Toni Areal" was dealing with a painful love story on one side and with the institution and the way you have to protect your love for art, or your love from art somehow…

Masterproject of Füsun Ipek, shown at Toni Areal, Masterausstellung ZHdK Diplome 19, 2019

blauerwerktag 2

more coming soon...